Co-Founder & Head Coach

Adam joined the fitness industry in 2009. He is a highly motivated and passionate coach who believes in strength and conditioning as a base to be better prepared for everyday life and sport alike.

Co-Founder & Head Coach

Since joining the industry in 2008 Clint has developed simple, yet effective methodologies to improve a client’s lifestyle. Using a combination of strength and movement programming, clients are able to improve their performance and overall body composition.

Our Clients

"When I first started at Hybrid I was considerably overweight, had back issues, and because of that, had not done any regular exercise for years. 

While at Hybrid, I have lost close to 8kg, gained strength, and learnt how to manage my back issues, all in a supportive environment. 

I feel great!"

Kim Morphett

"I came to Hybrid from it's foundation. I have been with Adam and Clint since I turned 50. Now nearing 60, I am the fittest and healthiest I've been since my prime years. 

The guys have a great ability to work collaboratively with me to get my best results. If you are looking for a gym experience that will bring out your best, get in touch with them."

Wayne Hunt

"I chose to sign up to Hybrid as their method of training small groups really appealed to me. Adam and Clint have helped me with lots of great advice and guidance, especially with teaching me to realise that fitness and strength training goes beyond the gym and into maintaining good habits at home and at work. 

Most importantly my wife has noticed the difference and she loves it!"

Adam Waters

"Training with Adam has given me my life back. This has been the best decision I've ever made."

Liz Hunter