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When it comes to fat loss we are constantly in pursuit of the holy grail- we want the best possible results in the shortest amount of time.

It no doubt comes as little surprise that resistance training, or lifting weights and cardiovascular training are often compared. What should I do to look my best? What will help me lose weight faster? Which is best?

Over the years perception has changed on this topic- at Hybrid Performance we have found it is an appropriate combination of the two that works best.

mountain bike

There is no doubt that resistance training is the key to changing your body shape but there is a science to it. Merely throwing a barbell around won’t do the trick.

Optimizing the tempo of your repetitions along with time under tension under a particular load (told you there was a science to it) is the secret. It is about forcing the large muscle groups to work hard and this then forces a chemical reaction in the body that begins with raising testosterone and growth hormone that forces the body to burn fat during and long after your workout.

As you progress, and produce some lean muscle your metabolism goes through the roof and this means more food is required but you are still burning fat. You will look and feel better than you ever have before.

Here are three Hybrid tips for getting the most out of your resistance training program:

  1. Frequency- just one weights session is not enough. You need at least three per week to see real, lasting results.
  2. Rest and Recover- your recovery is just as important as your work. Proper nutrition and a good nights sleep optimize hormones for building lean muscle, lowering your stress hormone cortisol and guarantee that you continue to burn fat.
  3. Lift heavy- you need to be moving enough load to elicit an appropriate hormonal response for the above.

front squat

Over the years cardiovascular training has been demonized to the extent of being labelled likely to make you fat, rather than actually lose weight. While this isn’t entirely true you do need to choose effective types of training.

We recommend interval type training and high intensity work the majority of the time but we do often make allowances for steady state cardio. Why? Because it does work.

The problem when it comes to body composition is that people who focus only on cardio training deprive themselves of the spikes in anabolic hormones testosterone and growth hormone you gain post resistance workout.

Another problem is without these hormonal responses you are not building the lean muscle that adds to the metabolism.

cardio training

If you’re going to choose steady state cardio as an additional form of cardio to your resistance training program here are three Hybrid tips to help you get the most out of it:

  1. Do it outdoors- want to go for a run or a bike ride? Get outdoors and soak up the sunlights vitamin D and the fresh air.
  2. Add some intervals- we like 30 second sprints followed by 4 mins 30 seconds moderate pace
  3. If possible go with friends- make it a social thing and enjoy movement outdoors together.

We program our clients training schedules to be 75-80%+ resistance training and 20-25% maximum cardiovascular training to make sure we are getting the best of both worlds and ensuring that our clients are all but guaranteed results. This training methodology is the foundation of our Performance Membership.

Hope you have enjoyed the article and it puts a few exercise myths to rest. If it has helped you out with your health we would greatly appreciate you sharing it with your friends as it may be just what they need to kick start their healthy lifestyle.



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