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What fills your breakfast bowl is ultimately going to either set you up for success or failure when training for a leaner physique.

For decades now our breakfast's have been bombarded with cereals low in nutritional quality and unbelievably high in refined sugars. Take a stroll down the cereal aisle in your supermarket and pick any box off the shelves and have a look at the sugar content.

It's quite alarming.

Aside from the obvious problem of ingesting astronomically high quantities of sugar's this type of breakfast also causes a whopping spike in blood sugar levels forcing the pancreas to release insulin in high doses to transport the blood glucose to our cells ready to be metabolized as energy and as a result impedes the bodies ability to burn fat.

Another issue with the high processed carbohydrate breakfast is that the carbohydrate's themselves promote the release of seratonin, a feel good hormone that helps us relax and unwind.

Not exactly the ideal solution for a meal that is aimed at firing the brain and body for a big day right?

steak and guacamole


Enter the unconventional yet highly effective breakfast of protein and fats, with any carbohydrates coming from the likes of berries.

It seems a little odd- I won't lie. But, for example a breakfast consisting of:

  • 250g of Scotch Fillet Steak or 3-4 whole eggs for similar protein content
  • 1/4 avocado or handful of almonds

Is going to have a very minimal if at all impact on blood glucose levels, allowing insulin levels to be more stable. The protein itself is a much longer lasting, slower burning form of energy.

The fats from avocado or the nuts will assist with cognitive function and are a great source of energy along with many other vital nutrients such as fibre (almonds).

I encourage you to try it out- it is a breakfast option that I swear by and have had many clients report feeling more energy in the morning, thinking clearer, drastically lowered cravings for sweeter foods throughout the day and as a result their body composition and their performance has gone through the roof.

What you eat at breakfast will essentially set you up for the rest of the day- start with something sweet and you are much more likely to crave sweet all day long, start with dense quality nutrition and be prepared to stick to your nutrition plan and keep kicking goals.




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