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I want to tell you a story about a lady I train- her name is Margie, her daughters train with us and eventually Margie came in for a personal training session too.

The first few weeks she learnt to activate her core and glutes to protect her back, then it was onto improving posture and introducing basic movements- think squats, rows, pressing, farmers carries, walking a sled and eventually deadlifts- just this week she performed a 50kg farmers carry surprising even her.

One day Margie said “This is honestly something everyone should be doing- especially women”.

Now of course I am going to tell you that I agree with her- after all health and fitness is what Hybrid is all about.

However over the years we have seen hundreds of women start strength and conditioning training for the first time and the results are inspiring.

You see there is much more to gain from resistance training than just increased strength.


Of course there are numerous strength benefits, but the confidence that comes with being able to hoist body weight and above off the ground in a deadlift, knowing you can pull your body weight over a bar in a chin up and squatting down low with your body weight and above on your back for the first time is an incredible feeling.

How do we know? We have women telling us all the time.

Our last strength testing phase we had women lifting PB’s all week and I cannot stress to you enough how positive the mood in gym was all week. There was an electric feel in the place as people were smashing not only personal bests but the limits they thought they could achieve.

As a result of these strength improvements guess what else has happened?

Body composition has drastically improved and with that so to have a variety of health markers from lowered blood pressure, increased metabolism, body scans have shown huge drops in the unhealthy unwanted visceral fat stored around the belly, fat stored in the thighs is melting away, bone mineral density is increasing and you can visibly see the difference in mood.

There is a science to it, but simply put our members are turning back the clock with many feeling better than they have ever felt with some of our…more mature members saying they feel better now than twenty or thirty years ago.

You see, strong women stay young.



It’s easy- it starts with education.

This Saturday (17th September 2016) we will be hosting a 45 minute seminar followed by a 45 minute workout where we will first teach you what we need to be doing to overhaul your health and wellness and THEN get the body transformation.

Follow that up with us showing you exactly the work our members are doing to make significant changes to their body shape.

This is a paid seminar to ensure the people showing up are action takers, the people that want real results- they aren’t looking for the gimmick or the shake diet to give them a quick fix.

It is for the person that is prepared to focus on health with sound, simple and effective nutrition strategies and the exercise programs that work- not necessarily the one that is most popular at the time.

The seminar costs $20 for the hour and a half- it may be seen as a biased opinion but we believe it’s a bargain. The ticket fee though doesn’t go to us- we will donate all proceeds to a breast cancer foundation to do our part to find a cure to a disease that is so often influenced by health that effects so many women across Canberra, Australia and the world.

You have nothing to lose- only a health overhaul to gain and knowing you are contributing to women’s health worldwide.

Looking to sign up? Then please do so here ---> The Secrets to Lasting Female Health Seminar <--- Aside from a tonne of information we will also be offering a special only available to attendees on the day for the inaugural female only training groups starting soon.

We look forward to seeing you here on Saturday. If you have any questions feel free to let us know.

The Hybrid Team


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