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What a year 2020 has been so far, seemingly we have lurched from one disaster to the next and we are barely through March as it is- surely, surely it can only get better from here, right?

Aside from the health complications of the virus itself, it seems the greatest problem is the uncertainty as to what tomorrow may bring, how next week will look and how the following month is impacted.

Will we all be working from home? Maybe quarantine? Super going further down?

There is some good news however, albeit a faint silver lining to a worldwide pandemic. Although there is no vaccine at this point, many government advisories and health experts suggest that your best chance of avoidance after social distancing or isolation is being healthy.

If you’ve been hammering your body and overall health for years and years it may be a little trickier to turn the whole thing around now, however you and everyone else can do a few very, very simple things that will give you a better chance of avoiding it all together.

They may not guarantee immunity, but a better working or as is often the case, a less compromised immune system is going to be a good thing.

Get a Good Night Sleep

Who in their right mind would have seen this coming? Right?

Sleep- for a long time there has been a national shortage on punching out Z’s and for a long time we knew it wasn’t a great idea. The gold standard is as it’s always been, 7-8 hours of quality unbroken sleep.

When bad news is all around us, turn the phone off and darken the room at a reasonable hour and let yourself unwind and get a good (hopefully unbroken) nights sleep. Your sleep is one of the most powerful tools in your toolkit for good health.

Be Cautious, But Cut Back on Stress

There is no greater compromise to your immune system than chronic stress. I get it though, schools talking about shutting, borders closing down, Tasmania isolating itself, economic crisis seemingly on the horizon and many of our casual staff across a number of industries are likely to lose jobs.

We have spoken about it before many times, some stress you can remove, some you can manage. As an individual there isn’t a great deal we can do about the virus, but we can manage our reaction to it.

Don’t be the dick in the shopping centre chest kicking someone’s grandma out of the way to get your 5th 48 roll pack of toilet paper of the trip, also the last one on the shelves.

Get what you need for you and your family, we are without doubt in uncertain times but it is as a community that we will get through this. Not as individuals fighting for themselves only. Government recommendations may be social distancing, by no means does this call for distancing from societal ethics or morales.


At this point in time, we have no vaccine, seemingly no “cure” to the virus. Our best tool against it is implementing common sense, be cautious by all means, prepare yourself in all senses of the word, but don’t be silly. You don’t want this virus to simmer down in a month or two and be too ashamed to show your face at your local shops because of the way you ransacked the toilet paper aisles during a moment of fear.

Go for Fresh, Where you Can

Good food and good health go hand in hand- for those of you stacking your space age anti-virus bunkers sky high with tinned beans and twinkies, don’t forget for now, while we aren’t being told to lock down, while fresh food is still in surplus and supermarkets are still open- while you may be roundhouse kicking people to the shadow realm in the tinned food aisles, the fresh food section (aside from starchy carbs) looks to be a safe space with plenty on offer and not many people hoarding broccoli.

Don’t let a global pandemic (reading that, perhaps its as good a reason as any) throw your otherwise healthy food routine out the window.

Stay Hydrated

Get wet. Moist. Quench yo Thirrrrrsssst.

There isn’t much under your skin that doesn’t run infinitely better when well hydrated.

With the risk of quarantine, your heart may say drown yourself in beer and wine. But your head should be suggesting water. At least balance across the two.

Don’t be a Dirty Dawwwwg

Wash your hands- if reading this is the first time you’ve heard the advice to wash your hands then you’ve been living under a rock. Stay clean, if not for you, for the vulnerable people that you cross paths with on a day to day basis.

Hand sanitiser, antibacterial soaps, anti-bac sprays when you’re cleaning will all go a long way to prevent the spread of the virus. That should be your number one priority at this point. Flatten that curve.

Be Compassionate

With uncertainty comes fear. With fear comes irrational behaviour. Take a look at your local shopping centre and this is easy to see.

Everywhere you go all anybody is talking about is the virus- whether you believe it’s a beat up by the media, a storm in a teacup, something that will blow over, something to be cautious about or a full world wide pandemic or genuine apocalypse.

Tread carefully, look out for those in your life doing it tough, be it their health, be it their ability to put food on the table, be it their concern for loved ones. If you have enough and then some, don’t be afraid to give whether its time, a meal, a 1.5m long pat on the back (backs don’t breathe), an extra roll of toilet paper or pump bottle of sanitiser.

If this thing goes on even half as long as some health experts are predicting, its highly likely at some point you too may need to ask for help no matter what you’ve hoarded up until this point.


A storm may well be ahead of us, but in time this, like all other storms will pass. Tomorrow, next week and the months ahead may be uncertain but stick with common sense and appropriate caution and ride the wave, normal will return. It will just take a little time.


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