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Throughout the last couple of weeks it seems the popular topic of conversation has centred around nutrition. The problem however, is that many overlook the basics in favour of a more complex solution.

Plagued with advice and information from all angles- I’ve been told nutrition advice from professionals, trainers, clients and all the way through to somebody at the shops trying to tell me about the latest fad program they have heard of and how it is “literally the best thing, ever!”.

The problem is that in our pursuit for the magic fix to years upon years of poor nutrition choices we have begun to delve deeper into trying to find the cure. The superfood. The meal timing. The perfect time a plant was removed from soil. Macro nutrient breakdowns.

Yes these all have benefits- they really do.

However the benefit to these is minimal, moderate at best, IF you are not respecting the basics of nutrition.

Good people, stop over complicating your food choices. Keep it simple, please.

This weekend head out to your local markets and make sure of these things:

  • Over 80% of your trolley/basket is filled with unprocessed foods (vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, fish, meats etc)
  • You have abundance and variety in your fruit and vegetables (seriously, load up here people!)
  • Add a food that you’ve not tried before- particularly a fruit or vegetable.
  • Variety- don’t just fill your basket with broccoli because you once saw it helps with removing unwanted fat from thighs. Mix it up- as much as you can.
  • Minimal to no processed meats

The vast majority of people, not just in our gym, not just in Canberra- but the entire world. Would no doubt see significant improvements to their health, their performance in work and the gym, but a huge improvement in the state of their mind and body.

Instead we sold out on quality, preferring convenience. Of course Deliveroo or UberEats means no cooking for you, it means zero or minimal cleaning and the food is sent straight to your door.

But what exactly are you eating? I mean sure the menu says fried chicken burger and fries. Just recently McDonalds fries were found to have nineteen ingredients in them.

NINETEEN! In a potato chip? I’ve made three course meals before with less ingredients!

This brings me to the next point, one that for many will be out of the question- I’m lucky enough to have a job that affords me time I understand- but if you are serious about getting your health in order- Then please, you have got to learn to cook.

Of course I’m not talking the next Gordon Ramsay, or plating up meals like you would find in Aubergine (although delicious)- you just need to learn the basics. How to cook a few meats, how to cook vegetables, some salad options, what herbs go well with what and if you really want to impress- how to poach an egg.

Once you have the fundamentals in place you can build on it over time. But starting out, up your cooking game- it’s not hard to cook, mastering it is a different story but to just cook- you can make something delicious I’m sure.


The third step is one that pops up time and time again. Once you employ the basics of fresh, in season and unprocessed foods and you’ve learnt how to cook- step three is consistency.

It takes time to build these new habits, it really does. Two to three weeks in fact. Maintain consistency over a three to six month period with these two tips and I would be very, very surprised if you weren’t feeling 10x better, looking better and performing better than before.

It’s time that we left fad diets behind, time that we stop with meal replacements, stop with crash dieting and prioritise fuelling our body with premium ingredients. Nail these basics and then look at minor tweaks specific to you as an individual and you will supercharge your results- guaranteed.


The Hybrid Team


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