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There is no denying the importance of good nutrition when it comes to being healthy- if you think a roll up is as good for you as a piece of fruit, or that a dominoes pizza cuts the mustard for macro breakdown this article may not be for you.

If, however you are all about health, wellness and then taking that to performance then this article and the rest of this four part series will likely be right up your alley as we delve into the gut and I don’t mean the keg, or set of tubes that reside around the waist. We are going a little deeper and looking at the internal, our gastrointestinal health.

Have you heard the saying “You are what you eat” before? You can take it to the next level with the preferred saying “You are what you digest”.

 Digestion is a series of chemical and mechanical processes that prepare the body for the food that is sat in front of you and then turn it from solids to chewed up mush, from mush that is further broken down and taken through the intestines to the not so pretty poops at the end of the track.

There is a lot that goes in to this process and what happens in the gut, with the health of your microbiome having an enormous effect, not only on your weight loss and overall health but interestingly mental health, inflammation and many other illnesses or auto immune conditions associated with inflammation in particular.


The foods we eat will either promote strong gut health or will detract from it, suffice to say that a one off good meal wont bullet proof the health of your digestive tract just as one bad meal won’t break it.

In saying that however there are many ways you can chip away one day at a time at improving or maintaining a healthy set of bacteria that aid digestion and promote rock solid health and over the next three parts to this article we will further explore them, however:

  • The Fundamentals to a Healthy Gut (What should/shouldn’t you be consuming)
  • Pre and Probiotics (Who/What/When/Why/How/Where)
  • Building a Healthy Microbiome

I hope to make it clear, by no means am I an authority on talking gut health, however I’ve been reading up and learning what I can recently as there is absolutely no denying the incredibly important role the state of our gut health plays not only on our training goals and performance but our long term health across the board.

With dramatic increases in often preventable illnesses and conditions and subsequent increases in antibiotic and medication prescription the health system is desperately trying to slap a band aid over a wound that would be much easier to avoid than it is to fix, using mostly simple methods.

It is not at all a new concept, with early fathers of medicine such as Hippocrates suggesting we “Let food be thy medicine” however it is a concept we have lost appreciation for in place of convenience and satiating a palette that craves processed carbohydrates, sweet foods. Over the next few weeks my aim is to show you a little more information on the role your gut plays in overall health, what we can do to improve it and why these methods work as well as address any other questions you may have.


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