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The optimist within is telling me that we aren’t tooooooooooooo far away from warmer weather (let me have this one!) and that means that people naturally start thinking about getting moving again.

Regardless of your preferred type of training, it’s likely there will be a goal attached. Bouldering? To take the harder set of grips. Bike riding? Trail ride in faster times. Gym? Fat loss.

The big difference in the goals set by people who go through and achieve them, and those that don’t is often simply that the ones who do succeed are very clear on their goals. They are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and have a timeline. Suddenly “fat loss” looks more like “lose 8kg of body fat over 20 weeks which would equate to 400g of fat loss per week”.

The clearer you are not only one where you are going, but how to get there- your chances of success start to become less “maybe” and more “sure thing”. 


Being realistic is incredibly important to overall success- although we are all for setting big audacious goals, there is a limit where the goal stops being motivation itself and becomes more of a burden. It doesn’t take long and you not only fall off the wagon, but you set it on fire and roll it off cliffs edge, walking away while dusting your hands and pretending it wasn’t ever a thing.

If you, realistically are only able to commit to getting active three times per week, the above goal of 8kg fat loss is very realistic on that timeline of 20 weeks. Smart programming and adherence to a performance inspired way of eating and it is very realistic.

Flip the variables around however and losing 20kg in eight weeks with three movement sessions per week suddenly is more in the “wish” category as opposed to a realistic training goal.



Once you are clear on your goal- you need to hold yourself accountable. Incentivise your success- don’t centre it around eating well for twenty weeks and slamming half a dozen burgers. Something more wholesome that still is “reward” enough to keep you in line but isn’t going to blow out all the hard work. Perhaps a holiday? A weekend away or some type of activity? You’re the boss on this one.

Finally- be prepared to roll up your sleeves and do the hard work. It’s plain and simple.

Your workouts don’t need to resemble those of the Rocks latest Under Armour campaigns but if you want to see a visible change you need to be prepared to be sore, be prepared to sweat and be prepared to work hard.

There has been a thousand products promising rapid results and there will be a thousand more but hard work, sticking to a plan purpose built to take you from right now, as of reading this, all the way through until you reach that goal.

If the end your after is success, then the beginning requires clarity and the middle requires work and discipline.


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