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Fad diets and outrageous exercise equipment is so common it seems to have lost its ability to provoke outrage among the circles of gym goers. Could it be that over promising has now become so common place we find it hard to be unhappy about being swindled?

Just because something is common however, doesn’t mean it is normal and in the world of health and fitness often what is common or popular at the time isn’t always the best option for you.

There will always be the desire for a quick fix to body shape, just the same as quick riches. Sales savvy companies prey on the insecurities many people live with daily and as a result cash in.

It’s spring time and with an increased desire to get in shape, many fad diets, pyramid schemes and shonky products are shaking off the remnants of a cold winter and are ready to cash in.

Just remember though- if it looks like a fad, smells like a fad and sounds like a fad- it probably is. Although most get a bad wrap, some actually aren’t SO bad- provided you are smart in it’s application.

1.    Shake diets and Isagenix

From the moment fat loss became a commercial commodity people looking to make a quick buck jumped on the meal replacement train and started selling shakes.

Shakes that would eliminate fat, detoxify the bodies organs, bring back Jesus and cure baldness.

We now know, and this is something almost everyone knows there is nothing sustainable about these kinds of diets- of course they get fast results, but at what cost?

The results are short lived and then once normal foods are bought back into the diet and with this often a substantial jump in calories, the body- not used to the higher volumes of food has down regulated the metabolism in response. Now, it’s with a slower metabolism and often compromised digestion rapid weight loss becomes rapid weight gain.

Everybody knows this but still they keep doing the rounds.

2.    Exogenous Ketones

Talk to anyone about fat loss nowadays and you are bound to hear keto or ketogenic come up. If truth ought to be told- keto has it’s place, no denying that. However- that doesn’t mean it works for everyone and also doesn’t mean it is a go to diet for everyday until the end of time.

What is the difference between ketogenic dieting and exogenous ketones I hear you ponder?

Although no expert on the subject, the basis of ketogenic dieting is that in the absence of glycogen (derived from carbohydrates initially) the body turns to fat stores converting them into a form of energy available to the body, ketones.

Your body goes into ketosis once ketones are detected either in the blood, breathe or urine as opposed to merely being low or no carbohydrates.

It is an excellent tool for fat loss and when changed slightly to cyclical ketogenic dieting that allows for carbohydrate cycling can be a great way of long term dieting for some people however ketones are a biproduct of fat loss and not the cause of it.

So swinging back to the gripe that I have with exogenous ketones. The problem that I have with them is more often with the sales tactics, as opposed to the product itself.

Remembering that ketones being present in the blood is merely a biproduct of fat loss as opposed to causing fat loss, know that, regardless of what the exogenous ketone salesperson tells you by taking KetoOS it will not encourage fat loss because of the product- it is essentially a somewhat expensive energy supplement.

If you want this kind of product for an energy boost then go nuts, just don’t be fooled into buying it as a fat loss supplement. The main reason you will see fat loss following taking KetoOS is likely that you have removed a large chunk of carbohydrates, particularly nutrient poor or processed foods and subsequently be in a decent sized calorie deficit.


Yessssss- I get it. Fads SUCK.

What should you actually be doing then? WHAT IS THE SECRET?

See that is the problem, we are just so caught up in the idea that there HAS to be some secret to it, break that down and the simple truth is our desire for there to be an alternative to hard work clouds our common sense.

Overhauling your health will take work. It’s 2018 and we are flooded daily with all kinds of fads and weight loss gimmicks. Common sense will save you time and time again- if it’s sounding like a load of tripe, chances are it probably is.

There will be no way that is more effective than a sustainable, long term solution like regular movement, nutrient rich foods, stress management and good sleep.

Yes it does mean work, often hard work. Your willingness to do the hard work however is a clear message about how much you actually want the result. Believe me when I say this, as it comes from experience- you’ll be amazed what you can achieve when the goal is absolute priority number one.


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