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In case you have missed the last two articles, we have been discussing and debunking some of the many myths, fallacies and false promises made to women eager to take control of their health and shape the body they have always wanted.

In Part 1 we addressed the problem, Part 2 we had a look at the nutrition basics that are often overlooked in favour of the 1% factors.

Now, it is time for the game changer. Exercise.

Forget everything you have learnt from Woman's Day...

The reason you have been misguided by health professionals, by magazines and mass media all while being fed a false solution that has created far greater problems than it aimed to fix is simple.

Nobody buys the magazine with the cover caption "Learn how Claire lost 15kg through months of hard training, careful dieting, sleeping eight hours a night and regular mobility/prehab work".

Not a chance.

The magazine that flies off the shelf is emblazoned with "How Miranda lost all her baby fat in three weeks".

Everybody wants the quick fix- the problem is the results are often as quick to disappear as they did arrive.

The best advice we can give our female clients is to forget how to train like a woman, and start training more like a man.

I understand this may seem a little odd and I don't mean grunting, flexing in the mirrors and creeping on everyone else.

What I mean is to start lifting weights with intent, intensity and volume.

Hit the big lifts and do them regularly.

I don't want to get too big though

When it comes to fears, it appears that in the minds of women the top two fears are:

  1. Spiders
  2. Getting TOO big from weights

It is time to debunk this myth, douse it in fuel and burn it to a point it can never be feared again.

When you are lifting weights there is a very, very broad spectrum of "training methodologies" you could follow. From training tonic muscles, through to endurance, sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, myofibrillar hypertrophy, on to strength, power and maximal strength.

Each one of those training methods has it's own unique sets, reps, tempo and time under tension to give you the best chance of success.

The point I am making, for your muscles to grow to large, you would be focussing on either sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, or myofibrillar hypertrophy (hypertrophy meaning to grow) even if you manage to nail them all down 100% perfectly as a female, with multiple times less testosterone than males it will be incredibly hard to build huge muscle without hormonal supplementation.

What should you be doing in your weights session?

At Hybrid we start our clients, male or female on a prehabilitation style warm up where we activate muscles through the butt, middle of the back, the core, the shoulders etc for two reasons.

These movements are assisting in preventing future injuries by creating a stronger inner unit. They also act to prime muscles ready for our strength component coming next.

Lets take a look at our current schedule, one of our deadlift classes.

Warm Up:

  1. 10 curtsy lunges each side (activate the glutes)
  2. 10 wall slides (activating mid back, shoulder and thoracic mobility)
  3. 10 glute bridges (further posterior chain activation preparing for deadlift)
  4. 30s oblique hold each side (core activation)


A1. Conventional deadlifts 3 reps every 3 minutes @95-100% intensity

      B1. Deficit reverse lunge 3 x 6 each leg   B2. Multi-directional sit up 3 x 10

Important note this is week 7 in a 12 week program and not one for our beginners, rather for those who have built strength and strength endurance over 7 weeks now.

Being week seven next week we roll into a deload week where we give our team a chance to freshen up ready for the next wave where our numbers go up again. With this in mind all week we have had female clients hitting lifetime PB's that previously was a one rep max, now hitting for three reps plus.

The kicker is they are all saying how much better they feel following this program. That they look forward to coming out and working in their group.

Our business is built around the belief that following a prehab focussed warm up and moving to a strength movement (deadlift, squat, bench press, press) we then move to our accessory work whether it is back, arm, core, postural work.

It is an incredibly simple formula to follow and to replicate, allowing a great program to take shape.

How Often?

Having trained hundreds of people over the last eight years each we have seen common trends.

Walking in once a week and throwing the weights around will help with the little things- like feeling better physically and mentally, movement becomes easier.

Twice a week and people start to see the change, although minimal it is progress and it comes on top of the "feels" that are also more noticeable.

Three to four times however and serious change is noticed both physically and mentally. You will become noticeably stronger, you will feel a new person and your body will start to make incredible changes.

This is the sole reason we have created our membership program the way it is. We adamantly believe you must be moving at least three times per week, ideally four if you really want to hit the big, life changing kind of goals.

Rest Is Best

As important as our work, is our recovery.

It is a well known fact that we break muscle tissue down during our workout, our nutrition and our recovery is where we grow, it is where we burn fat and where our body makes it changes.

It is absolutely essential that sleep is a high priority not only if you are serious about changing your physique- but if you want to increase the productivity and the quality of every day life.

Seven to eight hours is a must, per night of uninterrupted, high quality sleep to recover mentally and physically from the previous day and to prepare for the next.

We cannot stress the importance of this enough. Consistent, quality nights sleep will be an absolute game changer for you.

What Next?

The next step for you is to get started.

To learn the techniques of your major movements.

To change your perspective on nutrition- eat for performance and fuel as opposed to eating for weight loss.

To sleep like a baby.

Most importantly you need a mind shift. Stop training for weight loss. Start training with focus, intent and follow a plan that is maintainable, challenging, fits your lifestyle and most importantly will change your body shape and take your health to the next level.

If you are unsure, or naturally you have a load of questions- ask us. We want to help. Both of us have spoken about this to one another and to dozens of our clients over the years. Like most health and fitness professionals who are in this industry to make positive change- we are sick and tired of reading the outrageous pressure on women to lose weight, to be skinny or to conform to the ideal body shape.

You are you, be authentically and unashamedly you- but be the best version of yourself.

We are on your side and have decided to make it easier than ever for you to learn these basics. If you have been on our website before I am sure you have seen we offer a trial membership at $39 for a two week period giving you access to eight semi-private classes.

We want to help twenty people and decided we wanted to make it more accessible than ever before. We have ten trial packs available right here that are a classic "2 for 1" deal.

Now I'm sure you're thinking there is a catch- buy one for you and your friend. We will contact you in and book you in for a PT session and then you get access to eight classes.

There are only ten, if you are serious about making lasting change. Don't miss this opportunity- it will be gone by Monday night. Consider it an Easter Opportunity.


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