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The tides are changing, it has been a long time coming but women across the globe are diving full throttle into resistance training. Girls are squatting, lifting impressive numbers on their deadlifts and aspiring for chin ups and more.

I was speaking to a client recently and stated how five years ago 80% of the females I met on first sessions just wanted to lose weight. Nowadays 80% want to build a bigger, rounder butt as well as improve strength- oh and maybe drop a couple kilograms? As if it is an afterthought.

The game is changing.

This got me thinking though- with this rise in females hitting the iron, there has also been a drastic rise in metabolic issues and associated health problems as a result of the drastic measures to attain these changes.

Poor quality information surrounds us, with many “experts” riding the social media wave and selling the most outrageous nutrition protocols by the tens of thousands to people desperate to make change.

Surely a simple diet of chicken and broccoli……….four times a day, every day- can’t really be bad can it?

It can. Turns out as well, it is.

We are bombarded with before and after photos- but what about the after the after photos? With such unrelenting focus on the aesthetic we are so quick to forget, what is the point in looking good if you feel rubbish?

Don’t get me wrong. Abs are great. So is a fantastic butt. Is it worth it though? For two weeks, a photoshoot or a fitness competition if you end up suffering through months of poor health as your body comes to terms with what you have put it through, is that really worth it?

The Fixer Elixir

What if, there was a better way?

A way that you could have the aesthetic and the health. To look your absolute best, but to feel even better?

It takes change- not just your nutrition, or your training- but your whole mindset.

You need to change the way you see weight loss. Not entirely so, but to an extent you need to forget how to train like a female and start training like a guy.

The problem is women’s magazines, celebrities and many other forms of media have told you exactly how to lose weight. Not once have they mentioned how to lose body fat, to feel good, to move well and how to eat to build lean, sexy muscle.

The dieting game has drilled deep within our sub conscious that to lose weight you need to eat less and burn more calories. This very notion is as old as time itself but it does not create lasting results.

In January I shared this picture, my first ever personal training client in Canberra. This is her transformation:

Not bad is it? Admittedly the first photo wasn’t ideal for showing the “before” but you can still tell that drastic change occurred.

Now what if I told you that the time between these photos is six or seven weeks?

Seems ridiculous doesn’t it.

Here is the best bit- guess what we did to achieve these results?

It took a lot of work and convincing, but fortunately Renee trusted the method and cut her training load back significantly and was eating more food than ever before and by a long way. Long bouts of cardio were substituted for shorter but highly effective strength sessions, and a predominantly vegetarian diet had a big increase in protein, carbohydrates and most importantly calories.

Potions and False Promises are the Problem

Whenever there is a problem there is often a business and marketing savvy company that is quick to jump on the bandwagon offering the "Golden Bullet" solution. Think Isagenix for example, one of many companies placing the dollar miles and miles in front of value and the consumers health.

Starvation and shake diets are not the answer to the problem rather fuel on the fire making the problem a greater issue.

These supposed life changing low calorie shake diets are starving the body of vital nutrients and over time as the body steadily becomes malnourished, the metabolism slows down to preserve the remaining tissue. Digestive enzymes are starved of nutrients and gut health deteriorates rapidly.

What is the Solution?

In part two of this article we will start to look further into how this can be turned around. The simple yet highly effective methods that you can implement from the moment you read it to look better than you have ever thought possible while feeling bullet proof.

We will give you the step by step guide to eat better, move better, be stronger, acquire your dream body shape, how to burn fat all day every day, adding in mobility, better sleeping habits and more.

If you are a female, and you have spent years yo-yo dieting, going through starvation diets or you're tired of running on the treadmill every day then put your email in the mailing list box below and we will personally let you know when the next article is released so that you do not miss out on the opportunity to implement a plan that works.

Until next time- do you have any questions? Or have experience with this? Let us know, feel free to drop a comment below and tell us what has worked for you or what hasn't.



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