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Whether you are a new years resolution person, a goal setter or you just like to wing it. Maximising your results is highly desirable. Of course, we don’t mean to drop 48kg in 3 days- rather to all but guarantee your eventual success.

Over the years, helping many people get started, keep going or add the final touches to their own transformation we have picked up on the many obvious things to supercharge your results while also some of the less visible but just as important aspects that all but guarantee success. Here are 5 of the very best:

1.    Be crystal clear on what you’re number one goal is

For a beginner starting out training for the first time, or even the first time in a while- you can easily tap into the holy grail, meaning you can have big strength improvements, while dropping body fat, while building muscle AND while getting fitter.

For the more experienced lifter and to be fair most people after three to six months of training it is so important that you are clear on what your number one goal is.

It’s to drop 15kg of body fat- perfect! Just recognise that although you can make strength improvements, trying to achieve maximal strength improvements may hamper your fat loss goals.

Maintaining an appropriate caloric deficit is an essential for fat loss, it happens to be bad news for maximal strength. Conversely high, high, HIGH calories is super for strength but your fat loss progress will pull up real quick.

It just comes down to priority number one- work on the 15kg of fat loss first and then move onto the strength goal. At a lighter weight and healthier, your performance will accelerate (better strength to weight ratio), while being leaner you can be sure your body is better using nutrients to grow and thrive in response to your training.

2.    Enjoy the process

Of course this seems like common sense- but the thing with common sense is it just isn’t that common.

Legendary boxer Mohammad Ali once said how much he hated training, that he hated every minute of it- what got him through was knowing that he could live a champion for the rest of his life.

Although it works well for Ali, unfortunately the same doesn’t apply to us kicking our own goals because there isn’t a point where you sit back, kick up the feet and have the masses cheering you on. Health is a constant thing- it needs to be looked after through movement, stress management and good food. You stop and it all reverses.

Therefore finding a method that you not only enjoy but look forward to is imperative to your success. The thing is making large scale change is hard, so make it that little easier by finding the way you most enjoy as even the best method won’t yield results if you don’t stick to it.

3.    Don’t change everything at once

Over the years and particularly at this time of year people want to make change. Of course we all know the basics to weight loss, or getting fit or stronger. The problem with this is that many of us try to change everything. All at once.

Like we said in the above point, health is the long game. Changing everything at once will only lead to becoming overwhelmed with so much happening at once.

It takes approximately 21 to 28 days before a new habit starts to become, well- a habit.

We usually recommend our clients to start with the most basic things first- lets start upping the water intake and as soon as we hear “oh my god! I drank 3.5 litres of water today and didn’t even think about it!” we usually start to add the second. Lets add a healthy nutrient dense breakfast three mornings per week and then build on that.

Understandably this is a slower process than everything at once- but again. The long game. These things need to last. They need to get to a point where you do them not because it will help with fat loss, but because it is just what you do. You know you enjoy them- you just don’t think about it anymore because you are a healthy person.

4.    Be realistic

Yes this means not setting the goal of losing 40kg in 6 days- but I want you to be realistic that there will be challenges, there will be obstacles and there will be times where you just feel like a burger.

The good news? It’s not the end of the world. We all do it from time to time.

Be realistic that these events will come up, and also understand that they may put a small bump in the road to your goal but with new habits in place you can easily right the ship and continue sailing to success.

Don’t obsess over how bad eating the slice of chocolate cake at your best friends birthday celebration- sure cake isn’t ideal health food but look at the social interaction that came with the cake, celebration and community. Psychologically speaking you would probably feel worse by being the only one not eating the cake because you’re being mindful of what you eat.

There will often be set backs and detours. Understand this. But like point 3 says- gradually make small changes one by one and you will be so well prepared to over come any bump it won’t be the issue you often see it being.

5.    Have a strong support network

Never underestimate the importance of having a partner, or loved one who supports you on your health kick. I have seen many of the best intentions fall apart because of a husband who insists on eating a bag of Allen’s lollies every night after a bucket of fried chicken.

Although you shouldn’t expect everyone around you to be understanding of your desire to make change- it is a massive help if those closest to you are encouraging, or a positive influence.

On the bad days where you’re feeling a little down and out it is much easier to get back on the right path with a partner who is also making a conscious effort to prepare and eat a healthy meal or to go for a walk with.

If your closest network isn’t offering the support you feel you need, perhaps there is someone at your local gym, or favourite café, sporting club or wherever you exercise who is going through a similar thing to you- its an opportunity to make a new friend but also one who understands the struggles and elation in success that you will go through.


What are some of the things you have found supercharge your success? I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Perhaps you have a question about one of the five mentioned above- hit us up and we are more than happy to help you out.

The Hybrid Team


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